The History of Aeolor

The Dawn of Existence: Many great scholars believe that Aeolor came into existence simply because the overdeity willed it so, for there is not yet any other evidence to explain the phenomena of creation.

Pre-History: A time when intelligent beings began to appear upon the world, it is known that among the most ancient entities to exist were the Dragons, who forced the first Dwarves into slavery long before the dawn of Elf or Man. Eventually, the Dwarves defeated their captors and the age of beginnings started. Pre-History is said to have lasted for millions of years

The Age of Beginnings: In the beginning of this age, great and dangerous beasts roamed the land. The new Dwarf Empire began to spread across the world, their mighty warrior culture doing all within its power to eradicate the threat of the ancient beasts. During this age, the race of Elves emerged, seemingly from nowhere. Also during this time, a great war between the new Elves and ancient Dwarves was waged and ended in tenuous truce when the first divine pendants appeared upon the world. At the very end of this age, Gnomes and Halflings appeared on the world. It is during the age of beginnings that time was first recorded.

The Age of the Hunt (~100 – 1574): In this age, more divine pendants appeared on the world, causing many people to search in an effort to achieve godhood. Many battles were fought among sub-factions of the existing races, each wanting at least one pendant for their self. The race of Man appeared on the world circa 800. By the end of this age, all of the pendants that exist upon the world today were discovered.

The Age of Growth (1575 – 2100): After the discovery of all of the divine pendants, the existing races used their power to build vast empires and strong economies. At the end of this age, most pendant users left their respective empires to avoid abuse of their power.

The Age of Conflict (2101 – 6000): A time of almost complete chaos in the history of the world. After the gods left their empires, many crumbled into ruin and the former inhabitants of these empires often sought to hunt down their former gods and kill them to regain the power of the pendants from them. During this time, many pendants changed hands more than once and the number of gods that existed over the course of this age will likely never be known. Many of the remaining empires went to war over limited resources and land, very few of which survived this age.

The Age of Darkness (6001 – 6100): This age is often called “The Hundred Year War”. At the beginning of this age, great dark powers emerged to wage war on the entire civilized world. When all hope seemed lost, the bearers of the divine pendants put aside their differences and banded together to ensure the survival of civilization.

The Age of Harmony (6101 – Present): The current age. After the gods banded together to protect the world from darkness, they formed a council of gods, around which a city bloomed. They divided up powerful relics from the war to balance power among the remaining empires of the world. Now, the world enjoys a period of peace.

The History of Aeolor

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