How Native and Shared Classes Work and Native Class Lists

These lists are subject to possible change, please talk to your DM if you wish to appeal to a change in either list.

The following classes are banned if your character is born in Aeolor and does not receive special training to become a member of these classes. (Special training cannot be done before character creation at first level.) These classes are exclusive to characters native to Jiten. Other options may be available for Jiten-born characters, see the book titled “Oriental Adventures”. Since Oriental Adventures is a DnD 3.0 rulebook, discuss character options from this book with your DM. As native Jiten classes are unavailable to Aeolorians, native Aeolor classes are unavailable to Jitenese characters unless they acquire special training. (After character creation.)





Spirit Shaman


Wu Jen

Iaijutsu Master (Prestige)

Any classes not on this list and not contained within the Player’s Handbook must be reviewed by the DM. The Iaijutsu Master prestige has undergone minor changes; see the section on Iaijutsu Masters for details before distributing skill points. Shared classes are classes that natives of both worlds can play without special training and are listed as follows:




Ranger (see the spell-less variant in Complete Warrior for Jitenese Rangers)


How Native and Shared Classes Work and Native Class Lists

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