Calendar: Like Earth, being similar in size, Aeolor has 4 seasons and 12 months, as well as 7 days in one week and 24 hours in a day. The current calendar is the Erelon Calendar, devised after the opening of the east gate to unify the individual culturally influenced calendars of each realm.

Seasons:Feylon,Firon, Necron, Silon

Days of the Week:Monis, Dunis, Sanis, Midis, Gradis, Fris, Relis

Months of the Year:Janulus (31 days), Ferulus (28 days), Merulus (31 days), Aurulus (30 days), Maulus (31 days), Joulus (30 days), Julus (31 days), Aggulus (31 days), Supulus (30 days), Occulus (31 days), Nomulus (30 days), Deculus (31 days)

Aeolorian Holidays: Renewal: This holiday takes place on Deculus 31st and concludes on Janulus 1st. It is a celebration of the new calendar year and a grand celebration is held in Dina, the city of the gods. This is the only occasion where all gods (usually) use their pendants for festive activities.

Jitenese Holidays:


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