Changes to Player Races

Races are the same as in the player’s handbook except for the following:

Half Elves: Half elves are very rare on Aeolor, most Half Elves die before or during birth. The few lucky survivors are able to operate normally with all of the benefits of the Half Elf race in the Player’s Handbook, but, like vampires, are sterile.

Half Orcs: Half orcs do not exist on Aeolor

Vampires: Vampires are now a player race Background: Vampires no longer begin as the evil undead they are commonly represented as and their origin is different on Aeolor. Vampires were created when humans who dwelled in the underdark became contaminated by the powerful magic that flows deep within Aeolor. This caused the humans to become sterile as well as deformed in many ways that increased their power, though these benefits are not immediate. Since vampires are sterile, the only way for new vampires to be born is via magical infection through the medium of a bite. A new vampire has the same abilities as a normal human, but is sensitive to light. All players who choose to be of the vampire race must start as a new vampire. As a vampire ages, it becomes more powerful and more sensitive to light, eventually resulting in severe burns and possible death from exposure to sunlight as show by the chart below:

Years as a vampire Benefits Weaknesses
0 None Light Sensitivity
1 Darkvision, +1 Dex none
5 Creature Type changes to undead, Resist Cold 5, Electricity 5 1d4 damage taken each round spent in sunlight
10 Claws (magic for overcoming damage reduction), +1 Dex 1d6 damage taken each round spent in sunlight
20 Wall walking,+1 Wis, +1 Dex 2d6 damage taken each round spent in sunlight
50 Shadow jump at will (max distance per jump 1ft per year of age), +1 Dex 3d6 damage taken each round spent in sunlight
100 Damage Reduction 10/Silver or magic, +1 Int 5d6 damage taken each round spent in sunlight
200 Fast Healing, +1 Wis
500 Resist Cold 5, Electricity 5, +1 Int

Changes to Player Races

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