Welcome to The Chronicling of Aeolor

“All tales are essential to the shaping of Aeolor. Some are lost in time, others lost in memory. For many, their stories have yet to be written.” –Astinus Lierus

In the immeasurable past of Aeolor, there have been many gods, legends and heroes. Will this latest band of adventurers rise to the top of the world, or be crushed beneath it’s heel? Only they can decide.

Not everything here is completely my idea, I gather inspiration from various places. One of the most notable, the name from the quote above, Astinus comes from the popular Dragonlance series, from the character who inspired Astinus Lierus, a mortal god of Aeolor.

Recently Finished
*The Legend of Jack
*Flora and Fauna on indefinite hold

Current Projects:
*New Classes: Tsukai
*New Classes: Soulbow
*New Classes: Soulblade
*Maps: Jiten Country Map
*Maps: Prea Detail Map
*Government under the Jitenese emperor, Makoto Kamigawa
*Inner workings of Demon Hunter cells

To-Do List for Tsukai

- Develop cantrip equivelant abilities

- Develop agument power point equivelants per statistic type and quantity for augments to cantrip equivelant spells.

- Develop Class Feature List

The Chronicling of Aeolor

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